Harvard Medical School’s Reunion Reports are a longstanding tradition that keeps classmates connected by sharing contact information and personal and professional updates.

The Harvard Medical Alumni Association takes the responsible use of your information seriously, and the information we receive is held with great care and responsibility.

The following Data Disclosure Policy, created by Harvard University’s Office of General Counsel, outlines the ways in which your information will be used and secured by HMS and Harvard University. When you provide information for your Reunion Report entry, you consent to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosure, and use of your information as described below.

All classmate names (and previous names, if applicable) are included in the class’s Reunion Report. Your entry will also include the following information unless you elect to exclude some or all of it: HMS society, medical specialty, job title, employer, contact information, biographical and family information, education history, employment history, and additional professional information, and other information that you choose to provide, such as personal interests, a personal statement, and/or photo(s).

Biographical data submitted or amended for inclusion in your Reunion Report entry will also be included in the Harvard alumni database. They may be made available to other Harvard University alumni, alumni clubs or special interest groups and other alumni organizations, faculty, staff, and students, subject to the information privacy settings you have chosen for your online alumni profile in the Harvard alumni directory. These data uses are intended to facilitate inter-alumni communication, as well as communication between the University and its alumni. If you delete or exclude information from the Reunion Report entry, that omission could affect the information in your record in the alumni database. (For example, if you delete your address, it will be removed from your record in the alumni database. If you do not want to affect your record, but do not want certain data included in your Reunion Report, use the “omit” option in your online or paper questionnaire.)

Data you provide for your entry may also be shared within Harvard for purposes such as research and analysis and to help provide you with relevant engagement and philanthropic opportunities.

The Reunion Report, including your entry, will be made public as follows: (1) the Report book will be mailed to members of your class who have confirmed mailing address with HMS; (2) the Report book will be available online through the HMS Reunion Report Portal (password-protected by HarvardKey and available only to classmates); and (3) one copy of the Report book will be provided to Countway Library. Learn who has access to the Countway system by visiting the Library’s website.

Finally, we may share Reunion Report data, if necessary, for the purpose of taking action regarding fraud, unlawful or criminal activity, other misconduct, security or technical issues, or unauthorized access to or use of personal data or our website or data systems; responding to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes; enforcing our agreements; protecting the health, safety, rights, or property of you, us, or others; and meeting legal obligations.

We do not share or use Reunion Report data except as described above.

We do not authorize other use by anyone of information obtained from the Reunion Report books, whether commercial or otherwise (including sale, solicitation, promotion, market research, surveying, etc.). However, when you decide what information to provide in your entry, be aware that, despite our policies limiting reuse, it is not possible for Harvard to prevent or control all reproduction and dissemination of information by third parties, including but not limited to third party websites, services, applications, businesses, or private individuals.

  • Alumni located in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom

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    If you are located in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway (the “European Economic Area”) or in the United Kingdom, please visit the Harvard University website for additional disclosures about ways that certain schools, centers, units, and controlled entities, including the Harvard Medical Alumni Association, may collect, use, and share information about you in light of the EEA General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Note that we will not use Reunion Report data except as specifically stated in our data use disclosure. As stated above in our data use disclosure, Reunion Reports will be irrevocably made public.